I LOVE THEM. They stay put, they don’t create any extra lumps or bumps, they really do wick moisture away and – I don’t know any other way to say this – they keep you feeling fresh all day.

I love them so much I ordered six more pairs. I am not exaggerating when I say they actually impacted the quality of my day." - Christina
I’ve been a fitness instructor for 8 years, and a constant struggle in the industry is – what underwear can I wear that will be comfortable? I wore a paid of Knixy boyshorts to teach a 60 minute high intensity interval training class, followed by a 60 minute intense lifting class. Not only was I comfortably dry, but they also stayed in place the entire 2 hours, absolutely no riding up! Excellent product, I will be a customer for life!” - Meghan
My Fit Knix thong keeps me fresh through the work day and Barreworks classes. No visible sweat stains and no odor! Yes, I checked.

When I ordered my high waisted Knix Wear pair, I didn’t anticipate their versatility! I’m covered on a blustery summer day at Bay & Bloor. No embarrassing Marilyn moments, thank you very much!" - Jaclyn
“ I ordered it, loved it, get some!!!

Say goodbye to pads forever. The product does exactly what it says it will do." - Laurie
I just ordered my 2nd pair of Knixwear knickers! I was so pleased with the silky fit and the moisture wicking of the nude lacy knixy boyshort. This time I’m trying out the seamless knix boyshort in black, with the same fresh fix technology. Can’t wait!” - Mary- Lynn
“Amazingly comfortable and so comforting – PERFECT choice for my wedding day!

Love these! And, they certainly live up to their multipurpose hype! So much so, I chose to wear them on my wedding day … under a big dress, on a hot day.. couldn’t have imagines wearing anything else. They kept me dry, comfortable and feeling fresh all night! Not to mention, no lines ..!! They should be advertised as wedding underwear too!! Love ‘em! Keep it up” - Emilee
Best post-partum underwear ever. Comfortable and lightweight, good coverage, no shifting or riding with hidden peace of mind. Great investment.” - Veronica
I was so skeptical that these would actually be seamless, but they really REALLY are. I’m pregnant, and these are incredibly comfortable and I wear my pre-pregnancy size. I’m a happy girl.” - Tara
I usually stay away from full coverage, and would have never considered high-rise either, but a friend convinced me to try them, and I am so glad she did! Despite the extra coverage, they are so soft and light I can hardly feel them, and they sit flat and VPL – free under fitted dresses and skirts. Love the washing bag they come with too. I was pleasantly surprised that underwear that seems so delicate can survive the washing machine no problem." - Sio
These underwear are so comfortable I want to wear them everyday. They are light as air and you barley notice you are wearing them. The built in liner has saved me on more than one occasion during that time of the month. I’m a convert.” - Sara
Bought my first pair of Knixwear on a whim at an equestrian competition from one of the vendors on site. I wore them the next day and they were super comfortable. In fact, I couldn’t even feel them under my riding breeches. Best thing? No panty lines. I came home that night and ordered 4 more pair. I even ordered a pair for my daughter in college." - Kassy
After being diagnosed with MS two years ago, one of my systems was loss of sensation in my bladder, along with urgency. Having used lightweight pads for incontinence, these panties easily meet the function, and far surpass the form of the pads. It makes me more confident, and has allowed me the long lost luxury of not being aware I have MS every minute of every day.

May I suggest a bathing suit line?" - Julie
This is the closet to feeling you aren’t even wearing underwear! This high-rise brief is a remarkable product. I normally wear Hanro, a Swiss product of 100% cotton. But this is also a quality garment and its smoothness at the back really feels like there is nothing there. Another point, it’s a Canadian creation. Well done, Knixwear" - Joan
I love the fit of the Knix Bikini; no wedgies or bunchies rippling or pulling. It gives an invisible look and feels as if your not wearing any underwear at all, get gives you enough protection during an unexpected sneeze. Great for every day use, fitness class, dancing or traveling.” - Helen
I ordered KnixWear a few months ago, and I didn’t want to write a review until I had actually fully tested out the product. I can now confidently write that I am very happy with this comfortable, safe, sexy underwear. I love that I don’t have to worry about leakage, while wearing very sexy, but also comfy, undies!

Thank you for making this product – I’d like to full my whole underwear drawer!" - Christin
“I just want to thank you. I got my order and love them. Wore them yesterday for my workout and felt fantastic. I have 2 prs from your original line (which I loved) but the new fit line is even better. For all us post menopausal women, thank you!" - Cathy