Spin In Your Skin

At knix we are all about knixing boundaries and insecurities. Encouraging women to step outside of their comfort zone, try new things and to learn to love the skin they are in.

In collaboration with Toronto-based spinning studio Spokehaus, we hosted a spinning experience unlike any other – Spin in Your Skin. The event was hosted by ovarian cancer survivor, body positivity activist and model, Elly Mayday.

The gear

Knix Wear provided the gear (undies, bra, socks and robe) as well as backlight markers; which women used to write the words they would like to remove from their lives this year.

Giving back

For every women who took part in the class, one bra and underwear set will be donated to a women in need.

Our next city could be yours

Want us to come to your city next?
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