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Our Mission

Driven by innovation.
Inspired by you.

We believe by combining performance, technology and design we can knix the bad and make the good even better. Our mission is simple: to create the best active intimates on the planet that empower you to do more of what you love.


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Women We Love.

Our story would be nothing without yours. We love hearing and sharing the stories of confident, empowered women. They are what motivate us to make life-changing products and inspire us to challenge the status quo.

  • "A year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and after a lot of treatment I never gave up and my body never gave up on me."

  • What's your favorite feature?
    "I always liked my collarbones."

  • "My body has not always been the greatest cooperator. When I was nine years old, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and it put me in the hospital between the ages of 11 to 13. After two years in the hospital, I had a choice: ostomy surgery or death. I chose life."

  • What feature have you grown to love?
    "My torso. Through a lot of working out and knowing how to dress properly, I think I've learned to love my middle section."

  • "I spent my life thinking that loving myself had a lot to do with looks and I've learned that it has everything to do with how I feel inside. The better I feel, the better I look. And I just feel so good knowing that my body is my best friend today."

  • "About three years ago, I was turning 40 and my husband knocked me up. I gained about 50 lbs in four months and I decided that I was going to take my body back after my son was born. I entered into a fitness competition where I learned to appreciate my body."