Every Body Has a Story

Our bodies can surprise us. They can let us down, pick us up and blow us away.

They can be our partner or our adversary. They are our companions on our journey to self-acceptance.
Every curve, freckle, scar or stretch mark uniquely shapes who we are. We believe that healthy comes in many different shapes and forms, and it isn’t only about how you look but how you feel.
We’re inspired by the stories we hear from our customers,
so we’ve brought together 14 remarkable women to share theirs. 


"A year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and after a lot of treatment I never gave up and my body never gave up on me."

What is your favorite feature?

"I always liked my collarbones."


"My body has not always been the greatest cooperator. When I was nine years old, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and it put me in the hospital between the ages of 11 to 13. After two years in the hospital, I had a choice: ostomy surgery or death. I chose life."

What feature have you grown to love?

"My torso. Through a lot of working out and knowing how to dress properly, I think I've learned to love my middle section."


"I spent my life thinking that loving myself had a lot to do with looks and I've learned that it has everything to do with how I feel inside. The better I feel, the better I look. And I just feel so good knowing that my body is my best friend today."


"I had breast cancer when I was 29 years old, and I chose to have a double mastectomy.
So I have fully reconstructed breasts."


"It can be a big struggle for mom's to watch their bodies change and it doesn't always go back to the way it was before, but it doesn't mean you can't be stronger and even better, which I am...and I wouldn't trade these stretch marks for anything."

"Nine months ago I learned to love every pound that I gained
by creating this beautiful baby boy inside me!"
What’s your favourite feature?
"It has to be my eyes."

"I currently play hockey, golf and lacrosse."
What feature have you grown to love?
"I've grown to love my bum."

"I grew up not accepting my body size, and had a really hard time loving my curves.

And now I have grown to love myself and every inch of my body."
What’s your favourite feature?
"My butt."



"I spent a lot of time hating my body, wanting parts of it to be bigger
and parts of it to be smaller. And then I got a little bit older, and learned that
you go with what you have and I've learned to love it."
What’s your favourite feature?
"My back."



What feature have you grown to love?
"A feature I've grown to love is my bum.
It's a work in progress but we're getting there."



What feature have you grown to love?

"I used to have very skinny legs. Now they're thicker and stronger,
but they carry me through obstacle races so I can run faster."



"Being pregnant has definitely changed my concept of self in a way I didn't think possible.
It's amazing to love your body because you already love this little person you haven't met yet.

What feature have you grown to love?

"My thighs. I hate them but grew to love them because they are from my grandmother, passed down to my mom, and I hope to pass them down to my daughter."



"I am learning to not base my happiness on what my body looks like and where I am at with it."


Thank you to Max Taylor for the photography and these incredible women for sharing their stories.

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