Dear Kate

Dear Kate

Ask us any questions that you want and our Knixpert Kate will try to answer all of them. Feel free to get in touch with Kate about anything: questions, concerns, or feedback (she really wants to hear it all!). Check out our most frequently asked questions below and ask Kate your questions.

Kate’s email is

Dear Kate


Q: Can I wear my knixwear™ underwear during my period?

A: What else were you going to wear??? But seriously, the leak proof underwear we carry can protect you from all small accidents. It’s not a replacement for your other feminine hygiene products but it is a great backup. Consider them your newly loved period panties.


Q: How leak resistant” is your underwear?

A: The underwear is leak absorbent up to 3 teaspoons of liquid. That’s super plus absorbency according to the US government regulations. It will protect you from all of life’s “little” accidents. We’re willing to bet that that’s 3 teaspoons better than your old underwear and much more leak resistant.


Q: All of this sounds like Depends®, or Poise®. What makes you different?

A: Those are specialized products specializing in adult diapers and urinary incontinence. We do not, cover the adult diaper segment. Our underwear are just that, underwear. They will only cover minor leakages, but, that will make a difference with urinary incontinence. If you have any stress urinary incontinence, we’ve got your back. No one needs to see

it and no one needs to know about it.

But you can depend on us as we always help you keep your poise. ;)


Q: Is all knixwear™ moisture wicking underwear?

A: That’s right! All of our products have been made with moisture wicking technology. Not only is every piece of underwear moisture wicking but it’s odor resistant too. Everyone we know loves it! We think you will too!


Q: What differentiates knixwear™ compared to your competitors, ie. Adira®, Thinx, and Dear Kates?

A: How much time do you have? We can go on about our products all day, we love them that much! The main thing that separates us from our competitors is you, the consumer. We love getting feedback and we’re constantly adapting our products so that they work better for you.

That means we offer more colors, more styles, and more options for meeting your busy life. We offer a seamless Knix® line, our more robust athletic underwear FitKnix®, and the always sexy Knixy®. That means that we can go anywhere and do anything. We can satisfy all athleisure needs.


Q: So, you’re Under Armor® or Lululemon for period panties?

A: Well you can think of us like that if you want but we’re so much more. We’re going beyond period underwear and providing you with the best comfort for periods and athletic endeavours.


Q: Are you located in stores?

A: Yes! Unlike some of our competitors (we’re looking at you Think and Dear Kate) we can be found in retail stores. Find us at Hudson’s Bay or Bloomingdales, heck, we even sell at other online retailers including Bare Necessities. Look for us everywhere and if we’re not there, create the demand. But don’t forget you can also always go to our site.


Q: How do I keep my knixwear™ feeling and working so great?

A: The first step is washing them properly. Throw them in the washing machine and dryer, just like any other underwear but please don’t throw

in fabric softener. That could have the reverse effect and we want you loving your knixwear™ for as long as possible.

Q: What does the moisture wicking?

A: Good question because does anyone truly understand moisture wicking? Well our design knixperts do. They tell me that it’s a synthetic fabric that is woven in such a way as to encourage the movement of moisture through the permeable material. This moves the moisture from the inner layer to the outer. Lost on the technicalities? That’s ok, some of us are too!


Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

A: Do you mean an African or European swallow?


Q: How do you know so much about swallows?

A: When you’re a Knixpert with knixwear™ you need to know these things, you know.


Remember we said Kate would try to answer any and all questions. So send her your queries and test her knowledge (Kate does have Google so try not to send just any question). She’ll get back to you. It’s a knixwear™ promise.

Her email again is