FAQ – Knixwear Canada


Q. What is Fresh Fix Technology®?

Fresh Fix Technology® is our built-in Panty Liner, available in several of our underwear silhouettes. It is moisture wicking, leak proof (on the sides and bottom), absorbent (up to 3 teaspoons) and anti-odor. It is roughly 2 mm thick and will feel slightly different than your regular underwear – because it is. Our Fresh Fix Technology® products are great for women who experience light bladder leaks, want back up protection during their period, wear panty-liners on a regular basis or are concerned about excess sweating or camel toe. It features our special one-way moisture wicking cotton as a top layer to help move moisture away from your skin and keep you dry. These are the ultimate leak proof underwear. 

To get our Fresh Fix Technolgy® Panty Liner, make sure to choose underwear with "Leak-Proof" in the title while shopping on our website.

Our non-leak proof (or regular) underwear feels exactly like your favorite pair of underwear but with a super power gusset. The gusset features a one-way moisture wicking cotton, that moves moisture away from your skin and keeps you feeling dry, as well as anti-odor properties.

Q. How should I wash my Knix Wear?

Knix Wear underwear are designed to be machine washable. Wash with cold water, mild detergent and lay flat to dry. Please avoid using fabric softener or bleach. For best results and to keep your knickers from getting caught on other garments in the wash, please use a lingerie wash bag or wash with similar items.

Q. How long will the technology last?

All of Knix Wear’s performance features are built into the fibers of the fabric, we do not use chemicals and they will not wash out.

Q. What size am I?

We worked with a universal fit model to get our fit just right, please refer to our sizing chart.

Q. Are you sold in stores?

Yes! Knix Wear is currently carried in over 500+ retail doors across North America. You can find a full list of our retailers here, or you can order online from barenecessities.com.

Q. Can I buy your products in the U.S. and in U.S. dollars (USD?) 

YES! Visit Knixwear.com to shop in U.S dollars or to make international orders.

 Q. What is the difference between your seamless underwear line and your athletic underwear line?

Our athletic underwear line (FitKnix®) is made of high performing LYCRA® FreshFX® fabric and the entire body of the underwear moisture wicking. It is also features LYCRA® Sport technology so it is designed to maximize freedom of movement, compression, stretch and recovery. It truly is a high performance panty. Our seamless underwear line (Knix®)is designed to feel light as air, like you aren’t wearing anything at all. It is made of a very light weight fabric and the technical properties are found in the gusset.

Q. Is your seamless underwear truly seamless?

Yes! We make incredible seamless underwear. Both our Knix® and FitKnix® lines are seamless and feature bonded technology (no stitching whatsoever) to ensure that our seams lie flat and stay in place. In fact, our underwear is so seamless that it has become a hit in the Equestrian community because it is invisible even under their super tight, white, riding pants.

Q. I experience light bladder leaks, is your product for me?

Yes! If you are one of the 1 in 3 women that experiences light bladder leaks our Fresh Fix Technology™ products were designed for you. They absorb up to 3 teaspoons of moisture, have leak resistant sides and bottoms, and feature a 100% moisture-wicking cotton top layer with antimicrobial properties to keep you feeling fresh, dry and confident. They are the best leak proof underwear around!

Q. Can I use your product as a back up during my period?

Yes! Our Fresh Fix Technology™ is leak resistant and absorbent and make for the ultimate period underwear. It has saved the day on more occasions that one can count. It is great as a back up during heavy flow days, or on its own at the end of your cycle.

Q. Is your product good for sweat?

All of our products are great for sweat. They are moisture wicking and antimicrobial and the top layer of cotton moves sweat away from your skin and is quick dry so you can feel cool, calm and collected no matter the heat.

Q. How much moisture can your product absorb?

Our Fresh Fix Technology™ items can absorb up to 3 teaspoons of moisture and our cotton top layer dries two times faster than regular cotton, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable.